About what we do

What is a grease trap?


A grease trap is a plumbing device designed to trap most greases and solids before they enter the sewerage system. The small amounts of oils in household wastewater form a floating scum layer in septic tanks and treatment systems which is broken down by micro-organisms. The levels of oil in wastewater from industrial kitchens such as bakeries and restaurants is too excessive for this relatively slow breakdown process and causes water pollution. Cooking fats and greases solidify at room temperature and can contribute to drainpipe blockages.


Why do grease traps need to be maintained so stringently?


Without regular maintenance and cleaning, grease traps can cause problems with overflows, blockage and unpleasant odours. That’s why the regulations are so strict and their enforcement is so rigorous.

We are licensed, accredited specialists in the safe removal of waste from grease traps and their cleaning and maintenance. So we know what a Sydney Water inspector will be looking out for, including the appropriate capacity for the premises; clean, tidy surroundings free of soil and and weeds; covers that are undamaged and do not cause trip hazards; and any other detail that may escape the untrained eye. It’s part of a thorough, regular maintenance service schedule that we monitor your grease pit and suggest what can be done about any abnormalities.

What is actually done during grease trap maintenance?

Our comprehensive grease trap service includes:

  • Complete removal of the grease trap contents
  • Washing and scraping of walls and baffles
  • Inspection of inlet and outlet points
  • Deodorisation, which is particularly necessary near windows, grilles or air conditioning inlets
  • Trackable transportation of the waste to an EPA-compliant treatment facility